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Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence

The acclaimed Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (3rd ed.)(updated biannually) treatise and accompanying Best Practices Guides are available to assist with your ediscovery needs. The list of publications includes:

Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (3rd ed.) treatise. 
Best Practice Guides (Guides are updated annually):
 - Information Technology Primer for Lawyers 
 - Legal Hold
 - ESI Pretrial Discovery - Strategy and Tactics. 
 - Electronic Discovery and Evidence                                                                       Companion CD-ROM - contains all publications, full text of cases and hyperlinked for your convenience, and practice forms, planning guides, IT discovery questions and other resources.

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 Information Technology Primer for Legal Professionals

The Information Technology Primer (updated annually) provides a much needed primer in understanding "electronically stored information" (ESI), the creation, storage and deletion of ESI, and  the “information technology infrastructure” of organizations.  Understanding the infrastructure and technology concepts will enable legal professionals to apply e-discovery legal mandates in order to request and produce “electronically stored information” (ESI). The primer includes important sections in identifying, locating and managing “electronically stored information” (ESI) using computer technology.
Contents include:
 - Overview of IT in organizations and the electronic discovery process.
 - IT infrastructure of a company's IT people, hardware, software and networks.
 - ESI types, file systems and structure of data.
 - Sources, storage, locations, metadata and concealment of ESI
 - Computer technology available to search, identify, review and produce ESI




Legal Hold

The Legal Hold Best Practices Guide (updated annually) provides strategic guidance, recommendations and practice forms for legal professionals, including corporate counsel, in preparing for and implementing a “legal hold.” This Guide covers the components of a litigation readiness plan to ensure that your client can identify, preserve, collect, process, and review electronic data for disclosure in a timely manner. Such a proactive approach will contribute to your success by properly identifying and preserving ESI once a triggering event occurs.



ESI Pretrial Discovery -- Strategy and Tactics
This Best Practices Guide (updated annually) contains strategy and tactics for handling sixteen specific ESI issues throughout pretrial discovery. These include scope of discovery, preservation obligation, controlling costs, search methodology, form of production, accessibility of ESI and cost allocation, and much more. Whether it is a “meet and confer” or request for production, these are the sixteen critical issues to focus on in requesting or producing ESI.

• The Basics of Electronic Discovery
• Preparing an Overall Plan and Strategy
• ESI Issues and Strategy - Sixteen Crtitcal Issues
• Litigation Stages and Procedural Discovery Rules

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Electronic Discovery and Evidence

This Best Practices Guide (updated annually) provides a practical step-by-step guide covering the legal and technology issues involved in requesting or producing electronic data. It contains critical cross-references to the treatise where you can find more information on each topic.

• The Basics of Electronic Discovery
• Electronic Discovery Plan
• Steps to Requesting Electronic Information
• Steps to Responding to an Electronic Discovery Request
• Admission of Electronic Evidence
• Amended Federal Rules and Comm. Notes
• NEW - "Meet and Confer" Planning Guide 

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Best Practices Guide - Electronic Discovery and Evidence

Arkfeld’s Best Practices Guide for Electronic Discovery and Evidence (updated annually)

The Electronic Discovery and Evidence Best Practice Guide has been revamped and updated to offer an overview and workbook for the myriad of legal and technology issues that need to be addressed whether you are requesting or producing “electronically stored information” (ESI). This workbook will provide a plan and pretrial steps in discovering and disclosing ESI. It sets forth the key legal and technology issues you will encounter as you discover or produce ESI, cross-referenced into the main treatise for an in depth look at the various issues.  

Besides the substantial update, and based upon customer survey results, a 15-page “meet and confer” planning guide has been developed and included with the Guide. This planning guide provides the key topics and questions that a party must address with their client and adversary as they prepare for, and participate in, a pretrial conference involving “electronically stored information” (ESI).

This Guide contains the following chapters and appendices:

  • Chapter 1 — The Basics of Electronic Discovery
  • Chapter 2 — Electronic Discovery Plan
  • Chapter 3 — Requesting Electronic Information
  • Chapter 4 — Responding to an Electronic Discovery Request
  • Chapter 5 — Admission of Electronic Evidence
  • Appendix A — Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Appendix B — “Meet and Confer” Planning Guide

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