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New! 3rd Ed. Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence


Updated Biannually

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  • New 3rd Edition of treatise includes:
  •  - Information Technology Primer Guide
  •  - Legal Hold Best Practices Guide
  •  - ESI Pretrial Discovery - Strategies and Tactics Guide
  •  - Electronic Discovery and Evidence Best Practices Guide
  •  - Meet and Confer Planning Guide
  •  - Information Technology Discovery Questions (47 pages)


New edition - Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (3rd ed.)


Law Partner Publishing and Lexis are pleased to provide you with Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (3rd ed.). Building on the well-organized and acclaimed second edition of this treatise, the third edition is revised, enhanced in both substance and format, and expanded to cover the latest issues affecting e-discovery. These include: search types, protocol, and certification of search methodology; “legal hold” detailed analysis regarding “triggering events”; FRE 502 section analyzing inadvertent disclosure, attorney-client privilege and work product and limitations on waiver; latest analysis on cost allocation, proportionality, and “not reasonably accessible” issues, as well as a host of other ediscovery issues. This expanded edition builds upon the sections providing detailed analysis of technology concepts, authoritative discussion of court rules related to electronic information, case summaries of both federal and state cases, and an extended library of forms, checklists, and practical pointers.


In addition to the significant enhancements to this edition is a new 47-page section entitled Information Technology Discovery Questions on the CD-ROM that is designed to use in preparation of a discovery plan, client questionnaire, adversary preservation questions, meet and confer conferences, depositions, interrogatories, and request to produce and inspect. It covers a range of IT areas including backups, custodians, key players, document retention policy, ESI types and storage media, devices and locations and much more. This is the first comprehensive guide compiling the many IT questions that must be addressed in any case.



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